Kursy perskiego w Iranie 2017

 1. Dehkhoda Institute and the International Center for Persian Studies

Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute and the International Center for Persian Studies, with almost 27 years of experience in teaching Persian to non-Persian speakers, is proud to offer Intensive and Extensive Persian Language Courses. It also offers Persian Literature and Arts courses. More specifically, the center is responsible for:


  1. Holding Intensive Persian Courses, Normal Terms and Persian Literature and Arts courses
  2. Holding Persian Language and Literature Refresher Course
  3. Extracurricular classes such as Conversation I for Elementary levels, Conversation II for Upper Intermediate & Advanced Students, Reading & Analyzing Iranian Newspapers, Analyzing Movies and Calligraphy
  4. Holding Persian language classes for second- and thirdgeneration Iranians living abroad
  5. Holding classes based on learners needs and for specific purposes.
  6. Holding private classes for ambassadors, diplomats and diplomatic staff.
  7. Sightseeing tours, visiting museum, etc.
  8. Holding graduation ceremonies and offering the language learning certificate


Persian Language Courses (600 hours) are planned based on four main skills of speaking, writing, reading and listening. These courses are presented in eight levels, i.e. Elementary I, II, and III (225 hours), Intermediate I, II, and III (225 hours) and Advanced I and II (150 hours). Having passed these courses, the language learners are guaranteed to speak and write in Persian language fluently and accurately. Upon the request of language learner(s), we are also able to offer one-to-one and small group private teaching.


Persian Literature and Art Courses (99 hours) include an Introduction to Iranian history, Bustan and Golestan of Saadi, Masnavi of Rumi, Shahnameh of Ferdowsi and an Introduction to Iran’s Popular Culture. However, upon the request of applicants, we are also able to offer other literature courses.


In addition to the regular courses, the center also holds some other classes upon foreign administrators and Persian professors’ request. Based on their request, these courses can be offered in three to six weeks.



This center obtains short-term E-visas for non-Persian speakers who are interested in learning Persian language in one of the metropolises and gives them this opportunity to learn the language and become familiar with Iranian traditions.

E-visas are valid for 30 days and can be extended every three months for around one year.


The center utilizes educational facilities and all classes are equipped with teaching aids such as TV and video projectors.


To find more information, please visit ICPS website: http://icps.ut.ac.ir





ICPS Office of International Student Affairs

Tel. No.: +98-21-22717120, ext. 1